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Vinyl Flooring Supplier Malaysia

Maple Decor Sdn Bhd is a well reputed vinyl flooring supplier Malaysia. Vinyl flooring is an excellent option, especially for bathrooms and kitchens applications. Vinyl flooring is ideal for private homes and commercial settings with high traffic since it is water-resistant, stain-resistant, adaptable, and long-lasting. Vinyl flooring is commonly installed in homes in high moisture zones such as kitchens and dining rooms where a considerable amount of wetness is expected because it requires little upkeep. Vinyl flooring is long-lasting, soft underfoot, and lowers noise, which is vital for homeowners with children and dogs. Vinyl flooring is less expensive, easier to install, and requires less upkeep than other types of flooring. It is also available in a number of colours and designs to complement any décor, including natural wood grain effects.
One of the many benefits of vinyl flooring is that it retains its original colour and characteristics even when the surface is worn because it is made of a highly abrasion-resistant substance. Our team works hard to deliver your dream flooring solutions as per your vision to your doorstep. Our goods have been tested and verified for quality to ensure that they provide the finest quality and durability over time. We are also well-known for our excellent after-sales service — we perform a complete site examination prior to installation, and all of our items and services are warrantied. As a vinyl flooring supplier Malaysia, our team is dedicated to understanding your needs and your space. Whilst measuring your space, our team will provide you with suggestions if needed.
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