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Custom Made Carpet & Tufted Rug

Are you tired of scrolling through endless rug options, only to find that none of them truly capture your unique style and inspiration? It’s time to take matters into your own hands and create a one-of-a-kind hand-tufted rug that reflects your personal taste and creativity. Our easy-to-follow step-by-step guide will empower you to bring your vision to life and design a rug that’s faithful to your inspiration.

Select Design

Choose a design from our samples that matches your idea.


Select Size

Choose the desired rug size according to your size of space.


Small Medium Large
1.83X1.22M 3.05 x 2.13 m 4.27 x 3.05 m
2.29X1.52M 3.05 x 2.44 m 4.88 x 3.66 m
2.74 x 1.83 m 3.66 x 2.74 m 5.49 x 3.66 m

*You can always custom made any size to suit your furniture.

Select Colour

Choose the color that best fit your rug and space of living.


Or any of your colour preferences

Material & Construction

Choose the material based on your preference or purpose.


Material available

More affordable. Less durable and lower fire retardant.

Most durable fibre, but the texture is a bit hard.

100% natural fibre, eco friendly. It is durable, great stain resistance, excellent fire retardant. Soft and comfort.

Is a thin fiber extracted from wood pulp but is not a natural fiber because of the wood pulp treatment with chemical to turn it into a yarn. Soft, smooth, shiny, and very comfy. More durable.

Artificial Silk
retain the luxurious look. Synthetic fibre. Soft, smooth, shiny, and very comfy.


High low multi level texture


Cut pile

Cut & loop pile

Confirmation & Fabrication

Confirm the final design & details, then send for fabrication.


Term & Condition


  • Once you have decided on the design, we’ll prepare a sample for you to approve. 2 weeks lead time is required.
  • Our sample fee of RM350 is a one-time charge that is not charged if you decide to go ahead with your order.


  • With approval and receipt of 50% downpayment, your rug will go into production upon completion of the order with a lead time of 6-8 weeks.

Delivery & Installation

We deliver and install it at a time of your convenience.


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